A Nation Of Promotion Lovers; Two Thirds Of Brits Take Part In Promotions


In the face of great change in Brits’ lifestyles, new research from YouGov and partnerships and rewards agency Mando-Connect shows Britons’ affinity for promotions.

The What The British Think Of Promotions report reveals that two thirds (66%) of the population take part in promotions, with eight in ten (80%) Brits believing they are a great way to reward customers and seven in ten (70%) thinking that all brands should offer them.

YouGov’s data shows that gender has no impact on promotional participation (65% of men and 67% of women take part in promotions). But age has a significant impact with older age groups being far less likely to participate. Only 54% of those aged 55+ participate in promotions. This suggests that promotions are failing to connect with this important age group.

The report shows that despite so many of the population taking part in promotions, the space is currently dominated by a few select sectors. Supermarkets have by far the biggest footprint, with 47% of the population taking part in supermarket promotions. General Retail then follows with 27% of the population taking part in promotions in this sector, followed by Health & Beauty at 25% and Leisure & Entertainment at 23%.

Britons clearly see the value of promotions, with the research showing that people are willing to put their money where the promotions are. Three quarters (75%) of Brits are more likely to try and new brand that offers a promotion, seven in ten will switch brands offering one (71%), more than half will shop more often with brands that offer them (58%) and just under half are more likely to recommend a brand offering a promotion (48%).

The report gives clear direction on Brits’ favourite types of promotions too. The top way to enter a promotion is digital. More than half (56%) of Brits like to enter a promotion online or through a website, almost four in ten (39%) by email and 28% through a mobile app. Money is the preferred prize or reward, with almost six in ten Brits wanting it (59%). Next comes a desire for discounts and offers (42%) and free products, services and experiences (38%).

The future for promotions is looking very positive too. Two thirds (65%) of Brits are likely to take part in promotions in the next 6 months. And the impact of Covid-19 and the releasing lockdown timetable has divided the nation. When asked what impact the government’s announcements about the easing of lockdown measures would have on their likelihood to participate in promotions, half of Brits (50%) didn’t know. Three in ten (31%) think are now more likely to participate in promotions, and just under two in ten (18%) think they are less likely to participate.

Charlie Hills Managing Director & Head of Strategy at Mando-Connect: “Promotions are a much misunderstood and under-appreciated marketing discipline. Yet they have the power to attract new audiences, change consumer behaviour, engage and re-engage existing customers and even shift brand perception. Our new research shows that Brits love promotions, regularly participate in them and that they have a very positive impact on the brands that offer them. Almost two thirds of Brits (65%) think they are going to participate in promotions in the next 6 months. Brands need to sit up, take note and make sure that a compelling promotional strategy is a core part of their marketing mix.”

Amelia Brophy, Head of Data Products UK at YouGov: “Our research shows that Brits’ are a nation of promotions lovers. The majority (66%) take part in promotions and eight in ten think that promotions are a great way for brands to reward customers. What was particularly interesting was the strong influence that promotions can have on Brits’ attitudes and shopping behaviours: 75% are more likely to try a new brand offering a promotion, 71% will switch brands, 57% will shop more often with a brand and 48% will even recommend a brand more that offers a promotion.”

A copy of the whitepaper can be requested here.