MARS Agency Launch Insightful Universal Trends Report


The MARS Agency has recently launched an insightful universal trends report that surveys over 14,000 shoppers worldwide, highlighting 7 key trends that will impact commerce marketing in 2023. The report examines 34 different shopper categories, investigating how these trends are impacting both shopper behaviour and marketing strategies.

Covering a series of trends including:

01 COVID Gone. Recession On?

02 Quick Commerce Stays the Course

03 Community in Mind, Spirit, Body

04 Recommerce is a Natural Fit

06 Digital Shopping Deepens

05 In-Store Is ‘In’ Again

07 It’s All the Same to Shoppers

The report aims to give a holistic view as to the challenges and opportunities considered within this year’s marketing strategies to engage shoppers.

The report serves as a valuable resource for marketers looking to adapt to changing consumer behaviour and preferences. By understanding these trends, brands can create effective marketing strategies that resonate with consumers in the coming year. To read the full report, click here