Wilkinson Sword and Morrisons Partner For Cutting-Edge Promotion


Following the success of last year’s “No More Hairy Moments” campaign with Wilkinson Sword, Activation is thrilled to announce their latest collaboration. This time, Wilkinson Sword has partnered with Morrisons to launch an exclusive free razor offer for Morrisons More Cardholders. Cardholders can choose between the Hydro 5 from Wilkinson Sword’s men’s line or the Intuition Moisture from the women’s line. 

“A ‘Free’ offer hadn’t been activated through the Morrisons More Card before so we were excited to be involved in this retailer exclusive, working closely with both teams for maximum creative output in bringing the retailer and brand together.” 

Dan Hirons, Co-Founder of Activation

The key objective was to continue to encourage consumer trials of their male and female products in a market category that is primarily driven by routine purchase decisions and brand loyalty. This meant they needed to stand out and attract attention so shoppers would choose Wilkinson Sword over competitors. 

Since the offer could not be communicated directly on the packaging, Activation leveraged retailer media and point-of-sale (POS) materials to deliver the message. The creative team developed engaging radio scripts, fully branded shipper designs, and co-branded floor stickers, barkers, and hanging flags to ensure maximum visibility in stores. 

This collaboration between Wilkinson Sword and Morrisons demonstrates the power of strategic brand partnerships. Both brands benefit from the crossover of their audiences; Morrisons More Cardholders gain access to high-quality grooming products, while Wilkinson Sword reaches a broad and diverse customer base through Morrisons’ extensive retail network. 

The success of this campaign highlights the potential for extraordinary brand partnerships. By leveraging each other’s strengths, Wilkinson Sword and Morrisons have created a compelling offer that enhances customer loyalty and broadens market reach. This is just the beginning of what is expected to be many more exciting collaborations in the future. Shoutout to IPM Members Activation for their exceptional work in bringing this campaign to life.