How brands can support the LGBTQIA+ community for Pride – and beyond


Clare James, Chief Operating Officer at creative brand experience agency, N2O

At N2O, we’re dedicated to helping brands build meaningful relationships with their target audiences through relevant brand experiences.  Through our long-standing expertise in working with brands such as Tesco and Superdrug to create Pride campaigns, we understand the importance of connecting authentically with the LGBTQIA+ audience and strive to help brands move beyond tokenism during Pride month.

However, we acknowledge that the decision to create a targeted experience at Pride is complex, so we felt compelled to explore the subject further and provide our clients with practical guidance through our white paper, “Standing Proud at Pride – and Beyond.”

We assembled a dynamic panel of industry experts and diverse community members whose collective perspectives and insights fuelled our research. Using our own data and insights from sources such as GWI and YouGov, the resulting white paper provides a comprehensive and digestible understanding of the LGBTQIA+ audience and how brands can support them. It highlights the importance of being a year-round ally and the potential pitfalls to avoid when activating Pride experiences. Download your copy of the white paper here Brands at Pride White Paper – Standing Proud at Pride and Beyond

Our research also led to an in-depth webinar with IPM, where our Strategy Director, Steven Workman, Art Director, Emily Shahaj, and panel contributor, Sade Giliberti, shared illuminating and authoritative advice based on our findings. The webinar is available here Institute of Promotional Marketing