TA-DAA! Activation Spices Up Shopper Journey with Tilda


Activation teams up with Tilda for a flavourful campaign promoting their ready-to-heat flavoured rice pouches. Tilda is a much-loved, multicultural British brand, and Activation jumped at the chance to elevate their latest product range.

The aim? To grab shoppers’ attention along the path to purchase with a creative idea that combines ease and convenience with the exciting possibility of unlocking a world of flavour.


The concept is simple: Tilda flavoured rice adds the TA-DAA! to teatime. Looking to create something new and inspiring? Count on Tilda to transform dinner into a plate to be proud of. Easy experimentation meets remarkable results. The idea needed to be light-hearted, snappy, ownable, and inspirational. But most importantly, visually exciting and engaging!

The concept is built on the insight that millennials, the target audience, are adventurous and keen to try new things. However, they fear failure and don’t have time for experiments that might not work. Tilda offers a solution, allowing them to explore new flavours and cuisines, elevating their mealtimes.

Activation Across the Shopper Journey

At the heart of the promotion is the chance for shoppers to win a flavour-filled holiday for two! Choose from flavour adventures in Jamaica, Mexico, Portugal, or Greece, perfectly linking back to Tilda’s product flavours.

They also gave away 80 individual prizes to be won over 80 days, including everything from air fryers to Tilda bundles, all centred around the brand campaign ‘Elevate your plate’. Consumers simply need to purchase a pack of Tilda ready-to-heat flavoured rice to enter.

Activation has worked across the entire shopper journey, utilising various touchpoints both online and offline:

  • In-Store: FSDUs, retailer magazine ads, aisle fins, and more.
  • Social Media: Paid and organic social creatives alongside TikTok-specific content.
  • Out-of-Home (OOH): 14 and 6 sheets at key locations and on the Tube.

The campaign launched on 1st May and runs until 19th July, and can be seen at https://www.tilda-tadaa.com