GottaBe! Team up with NHS to make COVID-19 vaccinations accessible to minority groups


With much misinformation, the uptake of the COVID-19 vaccination has been low within ethnic minority groups.

GottaBe! together with the NHS, began raising awareness on vaccinations to educate the ethnic communities in Hampshire. As multicultural marketing specialists, they know how to engage the ‘hard to reach’.

Their community champions began to spread the word, starting conversations in the communities. This allowed GottaBe! to merchandise ethnic stores and connect with local employers to effectively reach the Eastern European community in Hampshire. GottaBe! used their knowledge of ethnic minorities to make COVID-19 vaccination more accessible by sharing targeted information via social outreach.

Along with all the above, a series of radio ads were delivered across Hampshire to ethnic media outlets. All materials were delivered in the appropriate language to allow people to make educated decisions.

Keep an eye out; GottaBe! have made a few changes not to be missed!