Activation team up with Benecol to offer a Year of ‘Good Living’


With National Cholesterol Month just round the corner, Activation have announced the launch of a brand new health-focused promotion for Benecol. 

The task was to bring new shoppers into the cholesterol-lowering category by creating a brilliant activation to raise awareness and sales of Benecol through National Cholesterol Month

Benecol isn’t just a delicious one-off experience or benefit, its positive effect is ongoing and long-term.  So the aim was to reinforce this proposition by offering consumers the chance to win a prize that keeps on giving – a whole year of ‘good living’.

And what does a year of ‘good living’ look like? 

Well, it’s a year-round calendar of healthy and enjoyable experiences for winners; the little luxuries consumers may have cut back on in the cost of living crisis. From a year of unlimited cinema to veg box subscription, to house plant gift vouchers, each winner will also be gifted one brilliant prize per month, for a whole year! And what’s more, each winner can choose from a headline prize of a UK spa break or cottage stay. 

With entries available with any Benecol purchase, consumers are simply asked to upload their receipts for a chance to win. 

The promotion is communicated through multiple touch-points, including retailer media and out of home. Supported through magazine ads, in-aisle POS, ATM advertising and location-based digital programmatic display.

Live until the end of National Cholesterol Month, check out the website here.