Poundland lets shoppers choose ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’ Brexit passports


Poundland has today launched two new Brexit inspired passport covers just weeks before the 29th March deadline, available in the classic EU burgundy red or a ‘Brexit Blue’.

The traditional red cover comes with a tag line of ‘Still Proud to Be European.’ On the other side of the fence, the blue passport cover is clearly labelled as Great Britain and Northern Ireland only.

With the politicians in a pickle, Poundland isn’t waiting to give its customers the chance to make a statement with their passport, whatever their position on Brexit.

Poundland expects sales statistics of the two passport covers to be the new referendum that gives an up-to-date snapshot into how the country feels about leaving the European Union.

The new passport covers are in Poundland’s travel range which includes flip flops, sunscreen and other travel essentials and will be available in store from 26th February nationwide for £1.

Poundland’s Marketing Controller Mark Pym said: “Whether you’re a Europhile or a Europhobe, Poundland’s got you covered.”