Ryvita has launched a new ‘Revoluncheon’ campaign, including experiential in city centres and offices in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff.

Ryvita launches Revoluncheon


Crispbread brand Ryvita has launched a new ‘Revoluncheon’ campaign, including experiential outreach to city centres and offices in London, Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff, aimed at encouraging consumers to experiment with toppings at lunchtime.

City centre shoppers are going to be reached via a Ryvita branded mobile café carrying the slogan “The Revoluncheon is here!” They will be offered samples of the 12 different flavour crispbreads in the range with various healthy toppings, and, if they tweet about their experience, they can take away a free crispbread pack.

For office workers, a branded mobile kitchen staffed by brand ambassadors will prepare crispbreads with tasty toppings which are then delivered straight to their desks on a Ryvita trolley. They will also get the chance to receive a free office dining pack by tweeting: “Yes to Al Desko #Myvita”.

Jodie Soussan, Marketing Manager for Ryvita, says: “Connecting with people directly in the real world is the best way to show just how tasty a Ryvita Crispbread lunch can be, and with 12 flavours within the range, getting a variety of delicious healthy lunches can be really easy. The social element of the campaign acts as a word-of-mouth endorsement to family, friends and the wider Twitter community. Consumers can also follow #Myvita on Twitter and Instagram, and for more Revoluncheon inspiration use the Revoluncheon-iser tool online to generate interesting recipes with their favourite toppings.”

Joanna Wharton, Account Manager at integrated marketing agency Sense, which is running the campaign on behalf of Ryvita, observes: “Using tweets quoting #Myvita as social currency for giveaways will extend the reach beyond the live activation, bringing the Revoluncheon to Twitter.”

Ryvita is owned by the Jordans Ryvita Company, part of Associated British Foods.

Ryvita’s Revoluncheon schedule is as follows:

      1-3 February – London offices
      4-6 February – Cardiff city centre
      10-11 February – Birmingham offices
      12-13 February – Birmingham city centre
      17-18 February – Manchester offices
      19-20 February – Manchester city centre

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