Nestlé’s KitKat teams up with YouTube for a major promotion; 74 different promotional packs feature digital codes which link to different Youtube clips.

KitKat Youtube on-pack promotion


Nestlé’s KitKat brand is again teaming up with Google’s YouTube for a major promotion, with the confectionery giant producing 74 different promotional packs featuring the YouTube logo and a digital code which consumers can scan with their mobiles to be taken to one of 74 different Youtube clips.

Each of the 74 YouTube videos features music, gaming, comedy or sports content, with a five second KitKat video ad running at the start.

The idea is that consumers share their favourite videos with their friends as part of the ritual of having a break with a KitKat, and that as they share they will also be sharing the KitKat ad.

The campaign will be supported by a huge media plan of £4.3m across TV, online, and social media; driving awareness of the event to more than 15 million consumers across May and June.

A Nestlé UK & Ireland spokesperson said: “People are increasingly using digital devices when they take a break. Whether on Youtube, social media or quick news feeds, the digital break is very popular, especially for a younger audience.”

Nestlé says that 40.7 million people in the UK watch videos on Youtube for an average of 20 minutes a day, with 36% of people watching it to ‘escape or relax’. However, with an hour of new content being uploaded every second, people can find it difficult to find the best content – which is where KitKat comes in. The Nestlé source added: “KitKat has done the hard work for consumers and whittled it down to 74 of the most entertaining videos for them to enjoy, easily accessible through a click of a button. The content will also periodically be refreshed so there will always be something new to discover.”

Last year, Nestlé and YouTube rebranded the chocolate and wafer bar as ‘Nestlé YouTube Break’ for a limited period. Along with the change of name, YouTube launched bespoke playlists designed to allow KitKat-eaters to enjoy their breaks more. Also, searching “KitKat YouTube my break” on Android phones brought up a page showing the top four trending YouTube videos.

It was not the first time Nestlé has partnered Google before. In September 2013, the search giant, which has a tradition of naming its mobile operating systems after desserts or sweet snacks, named Android 4.4 “KitKat” as part of a deal with Nestlé. Nestlé also stamped chocolate bars with a special hashtag and wrappers that suggest different kinds of breaks, including “me time break” and “sporty break”, and ran an on-pack competition with Android phones and tablets as prizes.

The 2016 KitKat/YouTube partnership is the latest activity in Kit Kat’s ‘Celebrate the Breakers’ Breaks’ global marketing campaign. This campaign recognises that no two individuals are the same, so argues that their breaks should be different, too.

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