The IPM is proud to be announcing its support and backing to the newly launched ‘Nights On Us’ campaign, a brilliant example of collaboration in the time of Coronavirus. The campaign pledges to reward ICU Nurses with complimentary overnight stays at some of the nations most loved hotels.

The concept of campaigns that have purpose has long been on the tip of our tongues across the industry and it could be argued that the recent pandemic has forced our hand into making this a reality. From logistic companies switching their processes to manage the delivery of PPE equipment to breweries manufacturing hand sanitiser, stories of collaboration and purpose are becoming more commonplace.

The IPM is an official partner of ‘Nights On Us’ and through the Brand Partnerships Community we are delivering the concept to all our members. Should you feel there is an area in which you would like to support this worthwhile initiative please do contact the IPM.

Black Tomato’s Jake Pickering and Greg Früchtenicht share their story:

“I’ve always believed in the power of partnerships and the success that a collaborative approach to marketing can bring. However, since lock-down, my concept of what’s possible when brands collaborate has changed dramatically. After Co-Founding a new non-profit called Nights On Us, I’ve seen some of the best minds from a raft of industries pool together to help launch an initiative that has collaboration and good-will at its core.

Nights On Us is a non-profit initiative designed to reward ICU Nurses with complimentary overnight stays at some of the nations most loved hotels. As I write this, we have over 6,200 nights donated from over 55 of the UK’s most iconic, charming and generous properties including The Fish, The Beaumont and Shangri-La at The Shard. As Nights On Us gears up to begin welcoming nurses to our properties, it’s becoming increasingly evident that none of this would have been possible without the partnerships we have formed and the generosity of the businesses that we’ve collaborated with.

Since starting Nights On Us in April, we’ve partnered with leading names across various sectors who’ve helped us enrich our own value proposition by allowing us to utilise their expertise. We’ve received ongoing web and tech support from the digital specialists Journey, pro-bono print and digital advertising in collaboration with Newsworks, and had ongoing support with editorial and PR from a host of brands including The Walpole, The Telegraph, Country & Town House and Original Media.

Though there’s no shortage of negative business stories during these times, at Nights On Us, we’ve been fortunate to experience the positivity and good-will that unprecedented times like these can bring.”

Nights On Us are always open for collaborative opportunities, whether you’re a hotel that wants to pledge rooms to the cause, or a potential media/brand partner looking to help with the marketing effort. Please email info@nightsonus.org or get in touch via the Nights On Us website for more details