Giffgaff is to launch a pop-up shop where nothing is for sale


In the midst of Black Friday mayhem, giffgaff is to launch a pop-up shop in Seven Dials, Covent Garden, where nothing is for sale.

The pop-up will house one hundred refurbed items created by Zero Waste Goods displayed in the store including 50 ‘like new’ refurbished iPhone and Samsung phones and 50 items in tech, wellness, homeware, fashion and accessories such as bikes, clothing, water bottles, vinyl records etc.

Visitors can enter the store by making a pledge via the link and commit to choosing refurbished goods by placing a bid on one of the free item in store. The giffgaff and Zer Waste Goods teams will then select the 100 people to receive an item for free.

The activation aims to open up conversations about the choices they make when purchasing phones or other material items.

Melanie Fisher, Founder of Zero Waste Goods, said: ‘We want to make the public realise that they do not have to settle when they buy refurbished, which is the best option if they want to live sustainably’.

This activation will take place on Friday 29th November at 9-11 Shorts Gardens, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9A.

Visitors can make the pledge online here: