Covid Featured Case Study-Critical Worker Donations by The Work Perk


We continue with our showcase of incredible campaigns carried out by members of our IPM community through the Covid pandemic period. These cases were selected by our panel of judges as having used creativity or incredible management skills to support the Covid cause or to overcome the problems created by it.

Here we feature Work Perk, who demonstrate the power of sampling within a case related focus.

Moments of happiness in the toughest of times

Maddi Graham, General Manager, The Work Perk

Campaign Video Watch

Employee rewards and sampling specialists The Work Perk, know more than most the benefit and effectiveness of product sampling. In this case study they demonstrate real creativity in bringing their operational expertise to the aid of critical workers within the NHS and other frontline organisations.

Faced with difficulties in maintaining normal sampling distribution techniques The Work Perk inspirationally directed all its sampling campaigns towards supporting critical workers. With a staggering total of almost 4 million samples from the likes of Kenco, Cadbury, Cif, Heinz and more, which were specifically targeted to appropriate sectors, The Work Perk showed how existing resources could bring moments of happiness to critical workers both in the UK across the globe, at a time when they needed it most.

Judges’ quote

“The Work Perk were flexible and nimble in adapting their core services to effectively leverage their

pandemic‐driven campaign through a multiplicity of channels, underpinned by a digital hub and

upscale it through the power of big brand support around a worthy cause.”