Covid Featured Case Study-Guest Visit by Promotigo


We continue with our showcase of incredible campaigns carried out by members of our community through the Covid pandemic period. These cases were selected by our panel of judges as having used creativity or incredible management skills to support the Covid cause or to overcome the problems created by it.

Our feature this week includes Promotigo; using their data and marketing skills to assist the leisure sector to manage the restricted opening up regulations.

Guest Visit by Promotigo; Helen Millichamp Managing Director

Scan, track and welcome back

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In June 2020 as the Covid pandemic looked to be easing, pubs and restaurants had the opportunity to reopen but only under very specific controls. Businesses already in considerable turmoil faced the challenge of having to register every guest who came back to their venue, making sure they adhered to all the government guidelines, and with the specific outlets having responsibility to ensure it complied with fairly complexed data rules and privacy policies.

Promotigo, a promotional platform used for campaign and data management, evolved their platform to create an end‐to‐end journey for venues and visitors to meet government requirements. Outlets could register themselves and create their own unique QR code identity so guests could safely and efficiently register themselves via their phones. The QR code was easy to use and could be displayed throughout the venue where appropriate. As the system was virtually self managed it allowed staff to focus on reopening their doors without the risk of hefty fines or complex procedures. It was so successful it was later adopted by the government with the launch of their tracking app in October 2020.

Judges’ quote

“This was a simple and easy solution to an increasingly relevant challenge across pubs and restaurants in the UK, and the fact that the government later followed this same method with their tracking app is testament to the efficiency of the product.”