Tracy-Locke Europe Launches ‘Zero Losers’ Promotional Campaign For Lucozade


Challenged with boosting awareness of Lucozade’s zero sugar offering and driving impact within the energy drink category, Tracy-Locke Europe are proud to present ‘Zero Losers’, the first ever on-pack promotion for Lucozade Zero. By bringing Lucozade Zero’s personality to life in a way that excites retailers and rewards shoppers, ‘Zero Losers’ fuelled the nation with positive energy throughout the summer.

Perfect for consumers in need of a refreshing drink and an energy boost, Lucozade Zero provides drinkers with the Lucozade taste they know and love, but without the sugar. A win-win, right? The ‘Zero Losers’ promotion sought to echo this win-win feeling by rewarding all participants with a prize, ranging from thousands of free bottles of Lucozade to a £5k top prize for 10 lucky winners. This ‘everyone’s a winner’ win-mechanic has been a hit with customers, with over 60,000 winners in the first 5 weeks.

To get involved, shoppers can simply purchase a promotional bottle of Lucozade Zero, scan the QR code, enter their details on the promotional website, and claim their prize. It’s as simple as that. And, as the name suggests, everyone who enters is guaranteed to walk away a winner! The impactful campaign has been engaging shoppers across the country with standout promotional displays, bespoke FSDUs and a slick website as well as a raft of supporting OOH, radio, PR, and social media content.

“We’re really proud to have created ‘Zero Losers’, the first ever on-pack promotion across the Lucozade Zero range. It’s brilliant to see the innovative mechanic come to life, and to see the success of the campaign with both retail customers and consumers to drive growth in the soft drinks category.”

Angus Gibson

Director, Tracy-Locke Europe

“We’re absolutely delighted by the consumer engagement for our on pack offer. Our Zero Losers campaign has secured off-shelf visibility in-store which has driven both rate of sale and awareness for our Lucozade Zero range, offering shoppers brilliant cash prizes and free drink coupons. The team at Tracylocke have been fantastic to work with, ensuring a seamless shopper journey and offering brilliant brand support throughout.”

Kate Woldanski

Brand Manager, Lucozade Energy

‘Zero Losers’ is live until October 31st, 2022.