TLC Have ‘All Aisles Covered’ in ASDA


11 campaigns in store at one time.

Is this a record?

Walk into any of your larger ASDA stores today and you’ll find eleven promotions (yes, eleven!), all concepted, created and fulfilled by TLC Marketing UK.

‘Now we’re not one’s to brag but that is flaming awesome!’ says Head of Global Marketing, Rachel Woods.

From confectionery (Kinder) and snacks (Walkers takeaway offer) to the Pizza counter (free movie with your meal deal or Extra Special meal deal), from butters and spreads (Flora) to baking (Stork), yogurts ( Yeo Valley) to skin care (plant a tree with Palmers) and not forgetting cleaning products (Vileda -Good Clean Fun with a free day out) and the tobacco counter – Nordic Spirits Club 64 loyalty program.

You could say right now at TLC we’ve got all aisles covered. Check out the video of the work here