Mando-Connect Loyalty Event Celebrates Whitepaper Launch


Mando-Connect and Ogilvy hosted one of the first face-to-face loyalty events since 2019 to celebrate the launch of Mando-Connects latest whitepaper: What the British want from Loyalty Programmes 3.0’. It was a hugely successful afternoon with a joint presentation from the Mando-Connects head of strategy, Charlie Hills, and YouGov’s data team, led by Nick Fishbourne. On top of this, we also heard a fascinating talk on applied behavioural science in loyalty from Ogilvy’s Maddie Croucher and an insightful panel discussion hosted by Isobel Finlayson with representatives from Vodafone (Camilla Cooper), Lidl Plus (Tina Hansom) and Marriott Bonvoy (Katie Cox).

The event certainly highlighted some challenges ahead for those working in the loyalty industry. There is, however, a lot to be positive about. Peter Kerr (director of the IPM) introduced the event by recognising the increased scope for loyalty in new sectors ”with emerging digital and multi-media channels, loyalty opportunities are becoming increasingly accessible to every sector’‘. We’ve also seen how with data and a better understanding of how your customers think and feel, you can adapt your programme to engage your users and give them the rewards they really want. On this topic the overall findings and recommendations were very clear:

  • Firstly, focus on offering really great rewards – it’s Number 1 for driving Brits to join a programme. And it’s Number 1 for maintaining engagement. 
  • Secondly, bake a strong sustainability ethos into your programmes. 71% of us think loyalty programmes should help us to live more sustainably, so understanding how loyalty can contribute to creating a more sustainable future is key. 

The event and research shows that the impact of loyalty programmes has never been stronger.  They cut through the noise of a crowded advertising and marketing landscape and help brands to engage in a completely unique way. Just by having a programme, users will find your brand more appealing. The challenge for us then is to keep innovating in the right direction and ultimately to try and keep pace with changing user needs as they happen.

For the full whitepaper, please head to the Mando-Connect website