Trebor refreshes brand with new “Own It” creative platform


Trebor, the Mondelēz International-owned confectionery brand, has unveiled a new creative platform “Own It”, as it seeks to engage with a new, younger audience. The new platform was developed in partnership with creative agency ELVIS.

With the mint category hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, Trebor asked ELVIS to develop a new creative direction, to prompt people to reappraise the Trebor brand and attract a younger audience of “life-loving millennials”, aged 30-to-45. The new creative platform aims to reinforce Trebor’s mood boosting and mind revitalising properties, showing how a Trebor boost of mouth and mind refreshment can help you unlock your inner confidence and help you to “Own It”.

Using eye-catching illustration from ‘doodle’ artist Ewa Mos overlaid on portrait photography, a series of out-of-home executions showcase different forms of inner confidence, unlocked by Trebor.

The diverse stars of the ads, including a model from inclusive talent agency Zebedee Management, demonstrate how Trebor can help you release your inner roar, break-free from doubt and soar high.

Each execution invites passers-by to “unleash your minty confidence” and gives them the chance to win £10k when they grab a Treb or promotional pack. 

For the first time ever, Trebor has also completely refreshed the design of its p acks, with the campaign look-and-feel taking over the entire promotional pack to embody the “Own It” attitude.

Nancy Moore, Brand Manager, Trebor & Halls, Mondelēz, said: “To get people to reconsider Trebor, and to reach a new, younger audience, we needed to think differently. 

“Partnering with ELVIS, we’ve created something that feels really fresh and unexpected. This creative platform takes Trebor into new and exciting territory, showing people how Trebor can help them unlock their inner confidence and “Own It”.” 

Rob Griffiths, Creative Director, ELVIS, added: “To bring new people into the brand, we have to give them a reason to want a pack in their pocket. So, we went beyond the expected functional mouth refreshment to create a more emotional hook, rooted in the confidence a little mood boosting hit of revitalisation can give you to Own It, whatever your ‘it’ may be. 

“Having landed on the creative platform, it felt essential to create bold, playful and confident comms that themselves live up to the ‘Own it’ attitude. Ewa Mos’ mixed-media illustration style was the perfect fit for us to re-energise the brand and give the nation’s high streets an unforgettable visual hit of Own It energy.”