Jägermeister floating bar “the dark spirit” setting sail this Halloween


Jägermeister UK partners with Ladies & Gents bars for a phantom boat experience named “The Dark Spirit”, set to sail the canals of London this Halloween.

Setting sail twice daily from Camden, the macabre barge will wind its way along London’s ancient canals and through the 1km long Victorian-designed Islington Tunnel.

Onboard, the talented team from Ladies & Gents will reward brave souls with an assortment of ice cold shots and delectable cocktails showcasing the intricate flavours of the dark spirits’ 56 different herbs and spices.

The boat can hold up to twelve people per sailing and is fully enclosed to protect the precious cargo from elemental forces. There’s a wood burning fire aboard to keep guests warm  from the chills.

Tickets cost £20 and include two hours on “The Dark Spirit” floating bar plus two cocktails. Additional cocktails will be available for £5 each.

Tickets are on-sale now via Design My Night for 23rd October – 3rd November.