Hel’s Angels rolls out Seedlip seedsower activations


Hel’s Angels have rolled out frontline training in the casual dining groups where Seedlip is listed. Specially trained SeedSowers are providing bar staff with further insights on this more complex alcohol-free alternative.

Seedlip is a non-alcoholic spirit from Lincolnshire based distiller Ben Branson, that finally solves the question of ‘what to drink when you’re not drinking’. Hel’s Angels have provided a team of expertly trained ‘SeedSowers’ who are educating bar tenders and restaurant staff on the complexities of the brand and how to create the perfect serve.

A typical training sessions takes participants through a journey, from the background of the brand, through to the meaning behind the label artwork and the number of each bottle. Seedlip are investing in training of this kind to help bartenders to understand how to talk about the drink and serve it, giving consumers an informed choice.

A focus for the training session is the process of distillation. It is important that staff understand how it is made because one of the most common consumer questions is “how can there be no alcohol in it?”.

Helen Hanson, Founder of Hel’s Angels, says: “This is the type of activation which Hel’s Angels is uniquely placed to offer, as it is all about training our Angels to deliver an in-depth engaging experience which benefits the brand, the barstaff and the consumer.”

To date 40 accounts have been visited, with the Seedlip SeedSowers training 159 staff.