Get to know your customer through promotions


Leonie Walker, General Manager at Mando, explains how promotions can be great for learning about your audience and are a tool for your long-term marketing strategies and value propositions.   

Retail distribution is a powerful tool to sell any product whether it is through bricks and mortar or via ever-growing ecommerce sites such as Amazon. Retailers churn out sales and accessibility to customers worldwide but naturally take a margin for doing so. Another major disadvantage is getting to know who your buyers actually are; this integral information typically stops with the retailers.  With personalisation and data the cornerstone to any successful brand strategy, it is imperative we learn as much as can about who is truly buying our products.

We don’t know our buyers in retailers

Whilst there is an abundance of excellent and insightful means to find out more about your potential audience, there is no real means to ascertain who the buyer actually is.  Promotions enable you to learn about your customer on a first name basis in an entirely GDPR compliant fashion.

Capture audiences and take names.

Promotions capture attention, stand out in a crowded environment and boost sales, but what’s often overlooked is their ability to harvest valuable buyer data.

What kind of data can you learn?

Promotions open a gateway to communicate and start a conversation with your buyer. We have seen an increasing number of challenger brands who have been selling great volume of products but are still left in the dark when it comes to knowing their buyer.

  • Names
  • Email/home address
  • Opinions of your product

The possibilities are endless the power lies in your route to entry and the attractiveness of your reward.  Ultimately, it’s what do you want your customer to tell you before completing the specifics and what are you willing to give them for it.

What are the perfect mechanics for learning more?

No size fits all with promotions with varying budgets, brand personalities and consumer wants your mechanic should always be created with that in mind. However, overall every mechanic can act as a means to help you learn more.

From cashbacks and try me frees to general prize giveaways it paves the way for consumer temptation and inclination to tell you more.

Aren’t promotions solely short-term strategies?

Stop thinking promotions are solely short-term strategies. Although they spike sales over the promotional period but they are also immensely helpful to the bigger picture. Through learning more about your audience, you create brand trust and identity all whilst opening up a whole portal of possibility. You create brand to buyer conversations, which facilitate real time thinking.

Your strategy should obsess over your customers and driving value. How can you further benefit your customers, if you haven’t made an effort to know them? Promotions are a gateway to a whole tundra of information and should never be viewed as tactic to deploy in isolation.

Through promotions, it enables you to overcome the barriers of retail distribution, learn more, and lay a foundation for you to propel future marketing strategies.

Mando are continuously adding to their data bank and learning about what customers really want. Their methodology is simple; they start with understanding your customer and then work back to your brand, ensuring they create the right solution for your audience.