Creating connections with consumers through product sampling


Craig Williams, Director at The Work Perk, explains how brand-to-hand activations within the office environment result in consumers reacting much more positively towards products.  

In a digital landscape that is becoming increasingly dominated by paid promotions, invasive advertising and celebrity influencers, there is evidence to suggest that consumers are growing cynical and weary of such marketing strategies. In an article published by Bazaarvoice in 2018, they found that “62% of consumers now feel that influencer content takes advantage of impressionable audiences by being too materialistic (55%) and misrepresenting real life (54%)”. Instead, people are responding favourably to experiencing things first hand and developing more meaningful and personal relationships with the brands that they choose to invest their time and money in. Given these evolving consumer preferences, product sampling is being re-enforced as an effective promotional marketing technique with its back to basics charm.

In a recent IPM article featuring The Work Perk’s company directors, they stated that “over 88% of consumers said that product trial was their preferred method of advertising, of which 82% of people that trial a product they enjoy are likely to actually go on and purchase it”. Our ‘try before you buy’ office sampling mechanic allows potential buyers to trial goods in a marketing-free environment conducive to product testing. By segmenting our network of office workers to a defined target audience determined by the brand/agency, we’re able to help brands impact their ideal consumers.

These brand-to-hand activations within the office environment result in consumers reacting much more positively towards products. As the samples are being distributed by their own employer, it helps to create an implicit feeling of trust due to the distinct absence of a hard sell. They are more willing to fill out questionnaires, give up their free time to provide feedback, and initiate organic, unbiased conversations online.

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Loren Baker from the Foundation Digital discusses the effects of “leveraging our customers as brand ambassadors by asking them to share info on a product to their own networks. This helps bypass ‘influencer marketing’ to an extent and lets us empower our customers to do the talking.” It’s this greater sense of involvement and connection to the brand’s journey and growth that consumers respond so well to. They want to feel more in control of their choices and purchasing power.

The rise of experiential marketing is further evidence of how consumer behaviour has shifted. The Drum surmise that “experiential marketing is proving popular among brands eager to retain a real-world connection with their consumers”. Meeting brand representatives, interacting with products and engaging with them in a relaxed, personable setting leaves a lasting and positive impression. At a time of consumer disillusionment, it’s these real-life, emotional and authentic connections that are driving engagement and long-term advocacy.

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All images featured in this article are from our 2019 US desk drop sampling campaign with Mondelez to launch their brand new Triscuit Wheatberry Clusters.

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