Toyota enables customers to ‘see inside’ car with hybrid AR experience


Brandwidth, the digital agency which specialises in providing practical innovation, has announced the launch of a new augmented reality experience for Toyota GB, which enables customers to ‘see inside’ the carmaker’s C-HR model.

The new Toyota Hybrid AR application uses AR technology and objective recognition software to overlay graphics of the inner workings of the Hybrid drivetrain onto physical vehicles, helping customers to gain a better understanding of how the system works.

The iPad app, which will be used in Toyota showrooms as well as at other locations including shopping centres and trade shows, brings to life the different drive states of the vehicle, showing how the various elements of the drivetrain interact with each other. By tapping on a drive state, such as ‘deceleration’ or ‘heavy acceleration’, customers can see which parts of the hybrid system are in use and how energy is passed between them.

The 3D experience also features a number of ‘hotspots’ which, when clicked on, enable customers to get in-depth information on key features of the system, such as the motor, battery and fuel tank.

Brandwidth worked with Toyota to develop the Hybrid AR app as part of an ongoing drive to educate the brand’s customers on hybrid technology and the benefits it offers.

The app currently supports the Toyota C-HR model, across all grades and colours.

Chris Wicks, Group Account Director, Brandwidth, said: “Toyota has always been a leader in automotive technology, selling hybrid cars for more than 20 years. Now, with the launch of the Hybrid AR app we’ve created, it’s breaking new ground in the use of AR to enhance customer experience in the car showroom. We’re delighted to have partnered with them on this exciting initiative – another great example of the innovative technology solutions we’re offering our clients.”

Stephen Duval, TCMS & Direct Marketing Manager, Toyota, said: “As pioneers in the hybrid space, we wanted to find a way to help our customers understand how hybrid technology works, and demonstrate the many benefits it offers. This innovative new AR experience, created in partnership with Brandwidth, brings the C-HR’s hybrid drivetrain to life in a simple yet highly engaging way.”

See the app in action here.