Three living room

Three switches on with Henry Holland 5G-fuelled living room

To celebrate Three’s 5G home broadband switch on, the network is debuting a supercharged 5G ‘living room of the future’ experience, in collaboration with designer Henry Holland.

The next generation immersive experience delivered by All Seeing Eye and Connie Harrison, is at Three’s flagship store at 297 Oxford street. Using Magic Leap’s mixed reality technology, Three is giving people a glimpse into a hybrid, physical-virtual living room showcasing how 5G will revolutionise the way we live today.

The ‘living room of the future’ transports you into a 5G world where your home is truly connected with everything at your fingertips. The full visual and audio experience propels you into a meditative, gaming and shopping showcase.

Once comfortable in the House of Holland exclusively designed living room, you’ll be invited to wear a pair of Magic Leap glasses.

The experience begins with a tranquil walk in the woods, you are transported to a leafy paradise as you take some time out and reset, all in the name of mindfulness.

Then you look to your right as your AI assistant provides you with the shopping experience of the future, asking if you’d like an exclusive peak at an item from House of Holland’s forthcoming Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Once your shopping order is made, you enter a fully immersive spaceship gaming battle, from the comfort of your sofa. You’re shopping experience then comes full circle as the item you ordered in the woods, appears by drone at your living room window.

The installation has only been made possible with the superfast speed and capacity of Three’s 5G broadband, that enables the technology to render incredibly complex and responsive holographic animations, all in real time.

The 5G fuelled AR experience will unlock the possibilities of 5G for the public, all whilst sitting in the immersive living room at the Three store – giving customers a glimpse into the 5G future.

Shadi Halliwell, Chief Marketing Officer at Three, said: The launch of 5G is going to revolutionise the way we connect at home. With Three’s 5G Broadband, we are getting rid of all the hassle, pain and waiting that is associated with getting your home connected. Plug and play is going to be game changing.Working with Henry has allowed us to bring to life this fun, living room of the future experience, so everyone can have a taste of the fully connected 5G home that is just around the corner.”

Henry Holland, Fashion Designer and Founder of House of Holland, said: “The fashion and technology worlds are increasingly merging and this opportunity with Three has enabled us to bring 5G to life in a fun but meaningful way. 5G will accelerate innovation and remove some of the physical boundaries and restrictions to design and the arts that has gone before. Its exciting and I’ve really enjoyed working with the teams involved to bring it to life.”

The physical space that is ‘The living room of the future’ was designed by Henry Holland and features elements from the House of Holland Spring/Summer 2020 collection to be shown at London Fashion Week in September.