Rockstar energy drink gears up with Xbox for latest on-pack promotion

Rockstar Energy Drink and Xbox have unveiled plans to launch the largest fan-inspired gaming on-pack promotion to date in support of the upcoming Gears 5 release.

The on-pack tie-up will launch in September and will run across Rockstar Original, Xdurance and Punched Guava variants (plain pack and 99p PMP) and the can collection will feature three original designs from UK-based illustrator Luke Preece.

Nicole Fawcette, Senior Global Brand Manager at XBOX Gears, said:  “We’re so stoked to be partnering with Rockstar Energy once again on another artist series for Gears.”

In addition to offering daily prizes of consoles and games, the promotion gives gamers the chance to unlock exclusive in-game items and free XBOX game pass access by entering pull codes at


Adrian Troy, Marketing Director at Barr Soft Drinks, says: “Gaming is massive amongst energy drinkers. With almost 40 million gamers in the UK, driving a market worth almost £6 billion, the gaming community has evolved way beyond teenagers to include more mature consumers with higher levels of disposable income.  Significantly, many of them are now choosing food and drink with gaming in mind. The build-up to the launch of Gears 5 is massive and we’re confident that our partnership will capture the imagination of the UK’s gaming community. We’re delighted to be partnering with Xbox on such a huge launch.”

AG Barr will also be providing high-impact POS to create eye-catching in-store displays, drive sales and increase shopper footfall throughout the promotion.