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How to maximise your promotional budget

Lauren Miles, Senior Account and Marketing Executive at Mando shares how brands can maximise their promotional budget to run an effective campaign. 

A common assumption we have found during our time in the industry is that brands believe that they do not have a large enough promotional budget to run an exciting, eye-catching campaign.

Whether they are a large multinational or an innovative start up, we have a promotional solution to suit you. Often, we find clients coming to us and they are amazed with the size of the promotion that they can run for their budget – with much larger headline prizes, prize pools and total number of prizes far bigger than initially thought. Here’s how we do it.


One of the most valuable assets Mando possesses is over 40 years’ worth of key data about the industry. We have been running Data-Driven Promotions for decades in the UK, Europe and across the globe. We ensure your promotional campaign is well designed right from the start using the best insight from our extensive ProNet database and YouGov information. Data can help steer the right audience to act in the manner you require.


The mechanic is important, it can often determine how customers react to the promotion and impact any internal KPIs that have been set. If you are trying to increase sales, a collector mechanic can be the most beneficial promotional solution as customers are required to purchase multiple products to take part. Mechanics can influence redemption rates too – speak to us today about the best mechanic for your upcoming promotion.


The headline is one of the key aspects of the promotion. It’s usually the first feature the customer sees about the promotion. It’s what draws them in, enticing them to pick up the product to know more. Simply add the word “WIN” to the headline and the engagement will double.  It can lead to purchase and influence how many people enter the promotion. Our data scientists can ensure that you have an impactful headline whilst keeping your finances within budget.


Is it better to have one huge prize, a few medium size prizes or many modest prizes? Our data scientists will be able to tell you through their extensive analysis the best split for your prize fund is to offer many mid-tier prizes, not just one big prize. Allowing you to give away the largest number of prizes for your budget and make more consumers happy.

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Promotional Solution

Brands can be reluctant to run a promotion, fearful in case it goes viral and over redeems leaving them out of pocket. But, coming to Mando means that your promotion will never go over budget. We use our experienced team’s knowledge, together with data from previous promotions, to estimate the likely redemption rates of your promotion. We then set a fee that won’t waiver. It ensures you know exactly what you are paying for and not a penny more. Mando works out everything, right down to the last detail, giving you ultimate peace of mind that your promotion is in the best hands.

We helped Coca-Cola maximise their headline in the “Win one of up to 1 Million Coke Selfie Sticks” campaign. Mando recognised the prize on offer was highly relevant to the audience. Due to this the chance of redemptions was vast and we encouraged Coca-Cola to seek maximum protection to keep the promotion within their budget.

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