Premier Inn launches ‘Pillow Fight Club’ to celebrate its new pillow


Premier Inn is launching its ‘best ever’ pillow and has come up with a fun way to make use of its old pillows before they’re recycled.

As the new pillows are introduced, four hundred thousand leftover pillows are being used to launch Pillow Fight Clubs across the UK for children and adults to enjoy.  Pillow Fight Clubs events are taking place in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Bristol on Sunday 13th October and is delivered by Golin.

In a bid to prepare pillow fighters, the most famous scene from the Hollywood blockbuster, has been recreated to explain the eight simple rules of Pillow Fight Club. Leading the shot-for-shot remake is the clubs very own mini Tyler Durden a character famously immortalised by Brad Pitt in the cult classic movie.

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Pillow fighters can purchase Premier Inn’s brand-new pillow range by logging on to where its famous Hypnos® bed is also available to purchase.

Sarah Simpson, Head of Product at Premier Inn said “Pillow fights are one of the few childhood ‘sports’ people can take through to adulthood and still be good at. Because of this, we thought Pillow Fight Club would be the perfect way to use leftover pillows before they’re recycled and bring families together to have some fun. With the launch of our new pillow in hotels and available to purchase online it seems like a perfect time to open up the club to Brits across the country and who knows just how many Pillow Fight Clubs will start to appear.”

For those wanting to take part in a Pillow Fight Club, keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter and upcoming Pillow Fight Club events.