HurdlGram secures first client for programmatic direct mail offering


Direct Mail specialist, Hurdle, has announced its first secured client for its newly launched data-driven Programmatic Direct Mail service, HurdlGram. Leading online fresh grocery business Farmdrop bought into the service just days after its launch and will be using it as part of the customer on boarding process.

Farmdrop will be using the new service, which enables brand owners to efficiently and effectively deliver highly targeted, personalised experiences, to encourage repeat purchase. Once a customer has placed their first order, it will trigger a HurdlGram delivering a personal discount offer for their second purchase.

Bringing together the dynamic integration of customer data from CRM systems, demographics, web browsing data and behavioural algorithms, along with flexible and scalable digital print technology capable of producing variable message prints within the same project. HurdlGram presents a new medium that can meet today’s ‘always on’ marketing requirements at a fraction of the price.

Andrew Creed, Managing Partner of Hurdle and creator at HurdlGram, said: “HurdlGram can play an important role in the on boarding of customers, whether encouraging a first, or repeat purchase. The integration of HurdlGram offers Farmdrop a very real opportunity to deliver quick and personalised messages to their customers as part of a wider communication strategy. Its combination of speed, personalisation and relatively low cost helps brands create a physical customer experience that online simply cannot. HurdlGram will become a leading format for clients looking to drive activation, re-engagement and new customer acquisition.”

Jamie Jaggared, CMO of Farmdrop, said: “We’re very excited about the imminent release of HurdlGram. As a grocery brand we operate in one of the most competitive markets there is so the need to be able to communicate in the most timely and direct manner, offline & online, across all points of the user journey is mission-critical. We’ve had good results so far with our printed mail campaigns and have high hopes for this new programmatic channel in driving customer activation.”