Cadbury ice cream launches Premier League on-pack activation


To tie in with the Cadbury sponsorship of the Premier League, creators of the Cadbury ice cream, Froneri, has launched an offer across new limited-edition packs of indulgent sticks in a bid to bring excitement to the category outside of traditional ice cream season.

It aims to reinforce Cadbury ice cream’s family positioning, involves giving away free packs of Match Attax cards in 1.9million boxes of Cadbury indulgent sticks. The Match Attax cards can be found in packs of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury Crunchie Blast and Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel sticks.

Match Attax is the official trading card game of the Premier League, developed by Topps, that is loved by children across the UK. Topps has been producing trading cards since the 1950’s and now manufactures collectable cards across the world.

The packs will be available throughout October ahead of half term, providing parents with something to keep the kids entertained while they’re off school and the children with something to collect, play and enjoy with their friends.

Speaking about the on-pack offer, Helen Sharp, Brand Manager at Froneri said: “Cadbury plays a unique role in ice cream due to the brands appeal to the family audience and the role it plays in the family dinner occasion, which is the largest occasion within the total ice cream market, accounting for 29.9% of ice cream eating occasions.

“We wanted to build on this positioning with our promotion by connecting with parents at a key time and adding value to their purchase.”

The activity will be supported with a digital and in-store marketing campaign, that will create excitement around the activation.

To raise overall awareness of the Cadbury brand in ice cream and encourage trial, Froneri has undertaken some of its biggest above the line advertising campaigns this year, supporting Cadbury ice cream with over £1m and reaching over 34 million people.