Blackjack Promotions and beauty brand SUQQU partner again for personalised Mother’s Day gifting


London’s world-famous beauty hall will host a Blackjack-staffed engraving service for customers purchasing SUQQU products as Mother’s Day gifts (Sunday 22nd March). This is the third time in as many months that the two companies have partnered at Selfridges to offer an extra-special touch for shoppers purchasing gifts, which proves the popularity of personalisation is still going strong.

The engravement service has also been chosen to coincide with the launch of SUQQU’s new NWL EX Foundation.

Dena Weal, Marketing Manager for SUQQU, says: “For many women, skincare and makeup application are part of an often hectic daily routine – a bit of ‘me’ time squeezed in between responsibilities such as work and childcare. We liked the idea that a personalised bottle could stand on a mother’s dressing table, and when she reached to use it, there would be a daily reminder of recognition from her loved one. It’s a fun gifting idea, whether she’s the woman who has everything, or for whom this is a rare, special treat. Like a mother, each gift is one of a kind.”

The Selfridges London Beauty Hall is a competitive shopping location, especially when it comes to peak gifting times aimed at women. This is the third time the Japanese skincare and makeup brand has called on Blackjack – a trading division of ABM – for their expertise building brand profiles in crowded marketplaces. Last month, SUQQU brought Blackjack on board to provide a gift-wrapping service to shoppers buying their products for loved ones on Valentine’s Day. This campaign, also in Selfridges, was hugely popular, and they hope to repeat this success for Mother’s Day.

Simran Sidhu, Account Manager at Blackjack Promotions, adds: “Personalisation continues to leave its mark on gift buyers, and it’s great to work with SUQQU again providing a service we have perfected over our years working with brands looking for the human touch. When you can offer shoppers a little something extra, which elevates an already luxurious product, it can really set you above the competition. Engraving is a skilled art form; our team look forward to hearing about the wonderful women they will be etching messages for.”

The personalised engraving service will be available on the SUQQU counter in London’s Selfridges Beauty Hall in time for Mother’s Day – 12th March (3pm – 7pm) and 22nd March (1-5pm).