Ocean Outdoor launches @ The Local – a diverse community of digital citizens across the UK


Ocean Outdoor has launched @ The Local, a UK wide community of digital citizens which gives voice to the diverse views and values of young, highly mobile consumers living in the nations and regions outside of London.

Designed as an interactive online community, @ The Local provides a live snapshot of consumer trends, mindsets and behaviours to better understand peoples’ views on multiple topics  – and how these may differ from Southampton and Bristol to Newcastle and Glasgow.

The engagement of communities in a two-way conversation will also help Local Authorities better understand their citizens’ ideas and thoughts on community issues and initiatives. @ The Local will also host surveys and discussion forums on relevant topics and host product testing sessions and focus groups to better inform brand communications and product development.

@ The Local forms part of Ocean’s Digital Cities for Digital Citizens proposition which sets out the role of Ocean’s digital out of home portfolio in the evolution of connected, smart modern cities.

Phil Hall, Managing Director at Ocean Outdoor UK, said:  “We are recruiting an audience of digital citizens – those young, hard to reach, highly mobile and digital citizens in key cities and regions who are often overlooked due to the ever-growing London-centric bias. The formation of this new research led community creates a valuable two-way conversation with highly engaged consumers and key stakeholders – be that brands, councils, or anyone in-between. Broad statements don’t always cut it. @ The Local helps brands and advertisers to tap into consumers at a granular level to understand what concerns, motivates and inspires people in different parts of the UK. These insights will inform communications strategy and show how best to use a dynamic OOH creative platform which is perfectly positioned to have those conversations on both a one to one and a one to many basis.”

There are many ways to participate in @ The Local. In response to a range of different activities, people can post comments, reply to other user’s posts and comments, give “likes”, participate in a discussion, stay updated via the communicate blog or participate in surveys, discussion forums and product testing in return for rewards and special events. The hub will also measure media preferences and viewing trends, shopping, social and leisure habits.