The Work Perk Supports Critical Workers with Free Products at Work


At The Work Perk, we believe that the most challenging situations can be overcome when people work together. That’s why we have so much admiration for healthcare and critical workers all around the world as the COVID-19 virus attempts to put a stop to our everyday life.

As a leading employee rewards business, we’re fortunate enough to have fantastic partnerships with companies who benefit from our offering – spreading joy and delivering free products from amazing brands to hard workers. As beneficial as it is for recipients to delight in the joys of our services, it’s especially rewarding for us to be able to give back to them for the crucial work that they do – and there has never been a more pertinent time than now to do so.

We want to do what we can for critical workers on the frontline of the pandemic. That’s why we’re pleased to announce that, along with some of our brand partners like Boost Drinks, Arla & Kenco, we’ll be exclusively supporting our NHS, emergency services and other critical workers over the next few months by providing them with beverages, snacks and more. A small contribution to help lift spirits and boost morale during these challenging times, and to show support for the inspirational work being carried out by our key worker professionals.

The Work Perk have built great relationships with critical worker organisations over the years – with over 500 NHS and Emergency Service locations and more than one million healthcare professionals from across the U.K on our network. We’ll be reaching out to new and existing members to offer our services at this time.

If you’re a critical worker and would like to benefit from our campaigns, you can also head to our website to register.

If you’re a brand and would like to offer your products to critical workers across the U.K. or the U.S. please get in touch with The Work Perk team via the website.

For general enquiries please contact Tom Nelson at