tpf Drops Prize Lockers Packed with Rewards Across John Lewis Stores 


Get ready for a summer of surprises as tpf deposits prize lockers across the UK. Typically associated with dropping-off parcels, these sleek safes allow shoppers to unlock exclusive prizes tailored to the summer of sport. Over three weekends in White City, Southampton, and Liverpool, tpf will blend digital and physical interaction to increase footfall into specific retail locations and drive brand engagement.  

This interactive experience demonstrates the art of anticipation in brand activation. Positioned prominently at the front of John Lewis stores, the prize lockers immediately catch the eye of incoming shoppers. To participate, simply scan a QR code displayed on the prize lockers, which provides a unique entry code. Enter this code into the screen on the prize locker and the moment of reveal arrives, holding your breath to see if you win one of the prizes provided by John Lewis partner brands. This seamless build-up, infused with the possibility of winning incredible prizes, transforms a routine shop into an exhilarating rush. 

“The importance of brands interacting with their customers can’t be underestimated. To stand out from the crowd, retailers need to engage with their customers in innovative and unexpected ways. We’ve loved working with one of the UK’s most trusted brands, John Lewis, to deliver unique prize-winning competitions in their branches across the country.” 


Maintaining brand relevance in an evolving retail landscape is crucial. By combining a physical prize locker with a digital entry process, the campaign offers a modern consumer experience. Blending the convenience of smartphone technology with the tactile pleasure of in-store shopping, this hybrid model exemplifies the next generation of promotional activities.  

The selection of prizes, provided by John Lewis partner brands, is designed to celebrate the summer of sports. With the Ooni Fyra Pizza Oven, winners can enjoy outdoor gatherings and homemade pizzas while watching their favourite sports. The Therabody massage guns are ideal for recovering from intense sports activities, while the Caudalie Oil Elixir bundle offers a luxurious remedy for self-care. This selection not only complements the sporting season, but also encourages customers to trial new products.

Through the endowment effect, shoppers participating in this activation feel a stronger sense of ownership and value toward the prizes as they interact with both digital and physical elements. This effect ensures that shoppers not only cherish their prizes but also develop a lasting bond with the brand. 

A simple yet unique scan-to-win mechanic saw prize lockers placed in prominent store locations. It was uplifting to see the delight on peoples’ faces when winning a prize. The genuine reactions exemplify the opportunity to drive true brand affinity.


The possibility of unlocking a prize drives shoppers to John Lewis stores, boosting footfall and creating a lively shopping environment. This engagement strategy not only increases immediate sales but also reinforces John Lewis’s reputation as a premier retail destination. tpf’s prize locker demonstrates the shift towards experiential retail, combining digital convenience with in-store excitement.