Together We Are Stronger


Cooperation and unity could not be more topical than right now, as we wait to hear the outcome of the US presidential election. As we see a nation divided, seemingly to polar degrees, over their next president, one is drawn to see how damaging this conflict is to the greater good, the USA.  

Which is why stories and examples of cooperation in times like this deliver such to cut through, as Tom Sugg from the Brand Partnerships Community explains.   

It warmed me to see Burger King’s efforts, via their socials the other day, encouraging their customers to support ALL food outlets/food delivery businesses and staff, by treating themselves to meals during this latest lockdown. As they say in their posts, there are so many restaurants that employ thousands of staff that need the economy to keep moving right now. Of course, it isn’t just their sector that needs help – everyone can do their bit, and banding together in times like these, even if that means helping out your friendly competitors (to a degree!), is critical to ensure we all get through this and out the other side!  

Can Burger King delivering a message to actively shop at their competitors’ stores deliver a social purpose as well as a business benefit? We argue that, yes that can.  

A sense of unity, of coming together under one unifying cause, of fighting for the greater good is gently gaining speed.  

Partnerships, in their business sense and their altruistic sense, are key to this endeavour. Working together with your competitors to stimulate business for your industry as a whole is the right thing to do and should be lauded.  

We are all in this together and only by truly working in partnership will it give us the best chance of weathering the storm.  

This could take form from being a member of a recognised institution or professional organisation where Aristotle’s only slightly misquoted phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” highlights the benefit of partnerships. 

Or it could be by creating trend-bucking campaigns that illustrate the power of brand association   

Sugg, the Brand Partnerships Community Chair has the last word “I can’t take credit for this little quote, but it’s something I saw at the beginning of Lockdown 1, and it’s one I’ve often thought about… 

‘We’re all in the same storm, but we’re all in very different boats.’