SPARK Takes Part in McDonald’s Monopoly Promotion, With Cinema Tickets Offer


Sales promotion specialists, SPARK, are providing cinema ticket vouchers for the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion running in restaurants now. There are thousands of pairs of tickets up for grabs, all sourced through SPARK’s discount cinema ticket club, The Cinema Society.

The annual McDonald’s giveaway, played by more than twelve million people each year, is arguably the UK’s biggest brand engagement platform and is expected to reach over a third of the UK population during its 6-week run.

Winners of the cinema tickets will be given a code to validate their prize via an online redemption platform built by the digital team at SPARK. They can then redeem their vouchers in over 350+ cinemas throughout the UK.

Being part of such a renowned campaign highlights the strength of cinema rewards as a promotional mechanic. The Monopoly audience is predominantly 16-24-year-olds, a group where 88% identify as cinemagoers*, so the take-up of free tickets is expected to be high.

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