Purdey’s punches through with positivity


Red Consultancy has created a Positivity Check-Up tool to help Brits curate their social media experience into a more positive one on behalf of natural energy drink Purdey’s.

The campaign was built on insights into the nation’s energy levels. Research with over 2,000 Brits showed that over two thirds feel “energy sapped” with 53% admitting they seriously need a boost. 26% of us feel drained by Brexit while 19% are brought down by politics, current affairs and distressing news stories. 14% of us feel social media is to blame – rising to 28% in young adults.

The average Brit now scrolls through 300ft of social media content every day and checks their phone 30 times – and it’s not always a positive experience. www.purdeys.com/positivity  was created as an online positivity boost. Whilst social media has a bad reputation for showing ‘unrealistic’ lives, there are plenty of amazing accounts that promote positive messages and share uplifting words of wisdom that can lift you up.

The site was created by Red Consultancy in partnership with Kerve and includes a test where you can check your positivity rating on social media, positivity tips for improving your score and suggestions of top ‘positive’ accounts to follow. The Purdey’s tool is being supported by editorial outreach, influencer engagement and on owned channels.

Emily Morgan, Consumer MD at Red Consultancy, said: “We want to amplify the message that positive energy helps us embrace what life has to offer. Positivity and energy are intrinsically linked, and in a turbulent world with an overwhelming negative news cycle, we’ve designed an innovative campaign to add a little positivity to people’s days.”

Sarah De La Mare, Senior Brand Manager at Britvic, said: “We’re excited to be delivering an activation which brings to life the natural credentials of Purdey’s. Purdey’s is a positive way to energise your day and our new communications activity reflects that brand goal. We want people to think about their social media experience like they would their offline life. Surround themselves with positivity, follow accounts that make them feel great and unfollow those that bring them down.”