PMS Community to forge partnership with CIPS


The PMS Community is pleased to announce that they are embarking on a partnership with The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply. Highlighted through recent Community sessions, the need to forge a more collaborative relationship with a body that is a daily part of IPM member’s working lives is an essential task to achieve.

Marc Rigby, Chair of the PMS Community explained “It is a terrific opportunity for us to amplify the channels of communication between our two bodies and this collaboration will immediately benefit our members. Procurement is a process that is increasingly key to the success of our member businesses so it is wonderful to be able to work alongside the very people making the decisions and to better understand their take on commercial processes.”

Andrew Rae, MD of the IPM added “The ability to humanise the procurement process and to work collaboratively with the CIPS Marketing Procurement Knowledge Group and the Promotional Marketing Services Community is one we are extremely excited about. Gone are the days of this being a combative relationship, we can now see the CIPS as being a trusted partner of the IPM and its members. We look forward to creating some truly insightful, bespoke and unique content that will benefit all of our members.”