Why not wish for some campaign longevity this Christmas?


Molly Harrison, Account Executive at Black Tomato in the Promotions Team, explores campaign loyalty and long-term success over the festive period.

Christmas is traditionally a time for giving, which is why it is the busiest time for prizes and promotions. With so much activity over the festive period, how do you stand out from the crowd and deliver your message effectively? Today, it is more about what brands do rather than say.

So, at this time of year more than any other, ‘prizes with purpose’ are the best way to leave a lasting impression, as well as foster true brand loyalty. Not only do they elevate you above the competition, but they also win fans.

As much as cash prizes and instant wins can pull in the punters, they rarely leave you with any kind of legacy. These types of prizes don’t represent a brand’s values, they don’t engage with the consumer on a deeper level, and they don’t leave a winner with a true understanding of what the brand is trying to achieve. That’s why the most impactful option is to create an incredible experience that will forever be linked to that brand in their mind.

A great example of a ‘prize with a purpose’ done well, is Air Canada’s ‘Gift of Home’ campaign. In 2014, the airline surprised Canadians living in London with round-trip tickets back home to spend the festive season with their loved ones. Not only did this generate some incredible PR, but it demonstrated the airline’s true emotional connection with its customers. It’s highly likely that as a result of this kind gesture, not only were the lucky winners of the airline tickets more than likely to use the airline again, but the heart-felt content likely appealed to new customers as well.

[youtube url=”[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5YvVB1FJrs&feature=emb_title]” width=”500″ height=”300″]

A recent example from our own back catalogue was Kinder’s ‘Open the Magic’ campaign. This was a great instance of an experience that didn’t require a big budget. Yet it still provided that all-important wow moment and lasting impact. Children wrote in describing their Christmas wish and our job was to make it come true. The more creative, the better. The winner wanted to meet real Christmas Pirates, so that’s exactly what we delivered. From buccaneers with a talking parrot, in branded colours of course, to snow cannons and a pirate ship in the garden, we pulled out all the stops. While Kinder were able to provide a unique and incredible experience that was true to their values and genuinely engaging. To bring it all together Rowan was gifted with the ultimate Kinder hamper as a little reminder of the experience and the brand.

As Air Canada and Kinder demonstrate perfectly, experiences are more memorable than a cash prize and have the power to truly distinguish a brand from the competition, creating lasting memories, promoting brand loyalty and generating great content.

And what brand wouldn’t be happy with that as their Christmas gift this year?

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