Communications consultancy mcm creative group has launch its brand new app, ‘Emplify’, to help clients improve employee engagement and communication.

mcm launches ‘Emplify’ staff engagement app


Communications consultancy mcm creative group has launch its brand new app, ‘Emplify’, designed to help clients improve employee engagement and communication within their businesses.

Experts in incentivising employees through creative campaigns and events, mcm wanted to offer something new to clients looking to improve internal employee communications. ‘Emplify’ has already been implemented across 17 countries around the globe with a world leading education provider.

The app can be downloaded onto the phone of any employee around the world, and provides a channel for employers to share news and updates about their company directly to people’s mobiles. It also works on Mac, PC and tablets.

It allows companies to:

  • Run research, posting questions and get instant feedback from all employees;
  • Improve engagement by using it as a channel for employee communications;
  • Create a community by encouraging employees to post their own news, pictures and questions;
  • Create their own networks via the ‘Emplify Group’ function which acts like WhatsApp but for work, allowing the creation of private groups.

The app is modular so it can be tailored to the needs of individual business and is available to rent or buy. There is an option to try it for free for a month.

Nicky Milligan, Managing Director of mcm creative group (pictured), says: “This app is something completely new to the market, and makes our employee engagement services far more accessible for an increased number of businesses.”

Brendan McCaul, Director of Creative Services at mcm, who developed the app, adds: “There was a real need for this type of app within the industry, especially as we work with a number of global brands who need an easy way to connect with their employees across a number of regions.”

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