Mando partnered with Vodafone to launch Leap Year payday promotion


Mando has worked with Vodafone’s VeryMe team on their Leap Year Payday promotion on 27th February.

Vodafone VeryMe Rewards gave customers a chance to win an extra day’s pay.

Customers received a code via their VeryMe Rewards app which they had to enter on the promotional microsite to be told instantly whether they had won a day’s pay (£83.33*).

VeryMe Rewards is Vodafone’s way of thanking their millions of users with weekly rewards designed around the things they love. From free cookies to holiday giveaways, Vodafone users can access exclusive rewards, prize draws and giveaways thanks to VeryMe Rewards which change to match their interests.

Mando-Connect works closely with Vodafone to help deliver the hyper-personalised platform that they promise to their members. Through the smart use of Mando’s data and Vodafone’s vast pool of customer insights, they work to deliver the most personalised rewards platform ever.