Kezzler and Amcor partner with Mondelēz for personalised gifting with Toblerone


Kezzler and Amcor have partnered with Mondelēz to launch a Toblerone campaign that enables consumers to record a special video message linked to their chocolate bar and share-able as a gift.

Every Toblerone bar included in the campaign comes with a QR code that has a unique identity. By scanning the QR code with their phone consumers are able to record a personalised video message for the person they are gifting it to. The recipient then scans the same code in order to view the message and, if they wish, share the video on social media.

The Toblerone campaign went live in November with campaign activation for two days in 77 Sainsbury stores across the UK. The 360g Toblerone bars came with custom sleeves such as ‘To my Mom,’ ‘To my BFF,’ and ‘To Grandma,’ each with their unique QR code.

Speaking on the promotion Kezzler CEO Christine C. Akselsen said: “The Toblerone campaign is all about lifting the experience of the product. By digitalising the bar and enabling personalised gifting it becomes more than just chocolate but is also an experience.”

“By making a gift more memorable and personal we hope to bring consumers closer to one another, as well as to the brand,” she added.

Explaining the technology behind the product, Akselsen said, “Our mission is to build a world of authentic, transparent and connected products. We do this by giving every item a unique, secure and traceable identity, promising high flexibility and scalability with low operational burden.”

“Kezzler’s serialisation technology was developed to solve real world problems. Today, Kezzler deploys its technology in the pharmaceutical, agriculture, industrial, consumer and food sectors around the globe to challenge counterfeit goods and unauthorised distribution, meet changing regulatory requirements and build consumer trust.”

Earlier this year Kezzler and Amcor rolled out a Valentine’s Day campaign with Mondelēz, using the same digital packaging system on boxes of Cadbury Milk Tray across 133 UK Tesco stores. The promotion, which asked consumers “what would you say with Milk Tray?” led to an increase in sales of 7%.