International Travel Network, Powered by TLC Marketing


The TLC International Travel Network is the go-to reward network offering consumers their choice of travel rewards around the world, at the tap of a button. TLC are the marketing agency for global travel promotions.

For 30 years, TLC have been connecting people with experiences that match their passions. The uniqueness of their business model is providing this for a fraction of the cost, making it commercially viable for brands to offer free experiences to their consumers as a reward for sales, engagement and retention. Within the International Travel Network the reason TLC can offer these incredible rewards at a fraction of the cost is due to their unique business model as well as their new partnership with Expedia Partner Solutions, the world’s largest online travel aggregator

TLC Marketing is the most experienced consumer rewards agency in the world and are the global pioneers in creating travel promotions. Operating in over 12 countries, they leverage the best in class technology & partnerships that will help brands reach new heights.

TLC have built their own proprietary platform that allows consumers to redeem travel rewards such as free hotel stays, through to stackable travel credits – redeemable worldwide. The investment in this development allows a seamless booking experience for consumers and is coupled with world-class customer service. Partnering with Expedia Partner Solutions allows the inventory to include 700,000 hotels worldwide in over 15 languages.

Why now?

Desperate to go anywhere, escapism, is the driving force behind our urge to travel as the rest of our lives are being delayed. From the pandemic to the cost of living crisis, 38% of people dream of going somewhere they’ve never been before. Travelling has been romanticised even more as many of us feel that we NEED to have some time away. Having spent the last year dreaming of far away places & hidden gems locally, people are inspired to get exploring again where they can, whether at home or abroad – bringing to life the recent trend term of “Revenge Travel.”

The cost of living crisis means we are being forced to sacrifice quality time together, unfortunately it means consumers are having to give up those big ticket purchases such as holidays and travel.

Therefore the time is now for a brand to offer travel as a reward to their consumers.

Who have TLC worked with?

Globally, TLC have worked with some of the biggest brands on travel promotions including Continental Tyres, Tommy Hilfiger and Hello Bank. All brands offering their customers that once in a lifetime reward for a break away.