The Future of Experiential Marketing


The Park has released a new report focusing on the future of experiential marketing – a technique for growing brands and proving what they’re about. Drawing on research from YouGov, authored pieces from The Park’s leadership team and interviews with industry experts, the report starts with a table overview of what we know about current and future restrictions on our lives and what it means for our industry before looking at four key areas of focus.

Jack Lamacraft, Managing Director at The Park comments:
“Now more than event it’s important to be on the front foot and acknowledge and understand what the landscape looks like for experiential marketing moving forward. In our report, we’ve dug deep into the Psychology of experiences and social distancing, the look and feel of future event spaces, the role of technology and how health and safety will be impacted following the current Covid-19 restrictions.”

Some of the key findings and considerations from the report are:

Psychology of Experiences

Marketing and experience professionals should focus on three key areas around the Psychology of experiences – desire, novelty and fear.

1. Desire
• The current situation has clearly created some feelings of disconnection- psychologically and physically. But it is a specific type of connection that is missed- not the relationships themselves, but the act of socialising.

2. Novelty
• YouGov’s tracker tells us that “Boredom” and “Frustration” have replaced “Stressed” and “Scared”, as the strongest emotions currently felt by the British people. They will be looking for novel experiences.

3. Fear
• While research suggests most people are intending to go to pubs, gigs, theatres and restaurants as much as prior to the lockdown, there are clear fears to be relieved to encourage people to attend events and experiences.

Will Worsdell, Strategy Director at The Park comments:
“There is reason for hope, and there is reason for concern. But above all, it is important to consider how people are feeling about events, experiences and socialising as opposed to just focusing on what the government might say they are allowed to do. That way we will be able to create activity they truly want, and maybe even need.”

The venue of the future

As cities change and the world begins to resurface, venues need to embrace a new tool kit of options that are more flexible, holistic and responsive. The Park report has identified eight examples of the changes we may see in venue design:
• Engaging queues

• Contactless journey

• Material finishes and surfaces

• Public toilets

• Design for the virtual environment

• Biophilic design

• Modular and lightweight structures

• Design for social distancing


People still crave physical interactions with others but obviously the world we currently find ourselves in doesn’t allow that, it’s digital or nothing right now. We’ve taken a look at some of the new worlds that are emerging such as Party Royale and how Epic Games are taking the VR experience to the next level.
Another point of interest has been the way global product launches have pivoted. The report focuses on the way Asics generated media coverage with an amazing virtual experience where the world’s media were able to tour the Asics innovation lab, speak to the team behind the shoe and then complete a number of challenges to experience the benefit the shoe provides.
Health and safety

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we plan and execute events in the UK forever.

Lloyd Major, Production Director at The Park comments: “new processes and legislation will lead to events and experiences being under more scrutiny than ever with event planners, workforce, venue owners, councils and attendees all impacted by the new physical world and its adapted ways of living and socialising. The exciting thing is that there will also be new opportunities for event planners and agencies as the restrictions will no doubt open new and interesting ways of putting on engaging events and experiences.”

Some of the key H&S considerations in the report cover
• Security

• Hygiene

• Staffing

• Signage

• Catering

• Pay points

• Testing and tracing

If you’d like to know more about the topics covered in this report or to arrange an interview with any of The Park co-founders, please contact Lloyd Major on 07557 018 094 or