Fantastic Beasts to be exhibited at the National History Museum


Combining the creative power of film, television, literature and science, Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature is a partnership between the Natural History Museum, the BBC and Warner Bros. to shine a light on beasts in all their fantastic forms, including those created by J.K. Rowling both in her stories and in the Fantastic Beasts film series. Opening in spring 2020 at London’s Natural History Museum, this spectacular exhibition, will showcase creatures from the natural, mythical worlds and the Wizarding World.

In the Museum’s Waterhouse Gallery, viewers will encounter legendary beasts next to dazzling specimens and historic objects from the scientific collection. Spellbinding digital installations and iconic wizarding world elements from the Fantastic Beasts film series will add an extra touch of magic. Visitors will see a tiger and a Galápagos marine iguana alongside wizarding world specimens including an Erumpent horn and the dragon skull from Professor Lupin’s classroom.

Clare Matterson CBE, Executive Director of Engagement at the Natural History Museum, says: ‘Bringing characters from the wizarding world together with some of the most fantastic creatures from the natural world will produce a captivating experience that will show how the natural world has inspired legends and stories that have enthralled generations. A spectacular celebration of science and nature packed full of surprises and mesmeric experiences, it will be impossible to leave without wanting to learn more about the wonders of our planet and how we can all better protect it.’

Visitors will be able to compare the camouflage tactics of a jaguar to that of the wizarding world’s Demiguise and the mating rituals of the peacock spider to the wizarding world’s Erumpent. They will also come face to face with a giant oarfish, the world’s longest bony fish. Taking inspiration from the stories of dedicated conservationists and scientists and inspired by Newt’s commitment to the beasts in the wizarding world, visitors will learn why it is more important than ever to care for and protect the rich biodiversity of our planet.

BBC One will feature a document presented by Stephen Fry, the documentary will explore the origins and stories of mythical creatures and fantastical beasts and explore their history and connections with animals roaming the planet today.

Stephen Fry, said: “I could not be more delighted to be a part of this magnificent opportunity for us Muggles to show the wizarding world that the fantastic beasts in our world are more than a match for theirs. Joining forces with the combined powers of the fabulous BBC, its legendary Natural History Unit and the magical Natural History Museum we hope to be able to bring you closer than you’ve ever been to some of the most spectacular and extraordinary creatures ever seen.”

Josh Berger CBE, President & MD, Warner Bros. Entertainment UK and President, Harry Potter Global Franchise Development, says: ‘It is hugely exciting to be working with the Natural History Museum and the BBC Natural History Unit, such iconic British institutions, on a project which has such a great purpose at its heart. I hope both fans of the Wizarding World and the natural world will enjoy the exhibition and documentary immensely.’

The first release of tickets go on sale today. Sign up here for priority booking:


Bloomsbury, the original publisher of the Harry Potter books, will be working closely with the experts at the Natural History Museum to bring this exploration to life on the page, as well as the Pottermore Publishing team, who will bring their digital and audiobook expertise to the project.

Creative partner Framestore, will be bringing the beasts to life for this exhibition.  The Museum will also partner with Google Arts & Culture to create immersive digital content, allowing global audiences to experience the exhibition across the world.