Drambuie Off The Rocks After Together Agency Twist


Drambuie had fallen into the trap of being branded ‘old fashioned’. The brand needed to modernise themselves and connect with a slightly younger audience. Their objective? Get 55-year-old sociable hosts to choose Drambuie as their drink of choice for the 5th course, the coffee serve.

Together Agency completely overhauled the brand’s visual collateral and digital presence to inspire a new demographic. Sales and social engagement soared.

Showing up wasn’t enough, they needed to inspire the demographic. So they created a new look and feel to the brand, starting with the tagline: ‘The taste of togetherness’. Setting up a one-day shoot to create a range of visual collateral to use across social medias, an on-pack collar, digital advertisements and the website.

Transforming their Instagram and Facebook pages to create a more collected and consistent approach. With a deeper emphasis on togetherness, they focused on beautiful-looking food pairings, cocktail recipes and the dinner party setting with family and friends enjoying drinks and laughter.

The results were an increase in sales and engagement across socials. See here for more details. Cheers to that!