How to capitalise on the festival experience


Ben Bestford, Director at BAM Agency Ltd shares his thoughts on the benefits of brands targeting young people throughout their festival experience.

For the youth of today it is all about experiences. Traditional marketing routes and channels simply do not have the desired effect on this generation, they have almost become immune to it. Brands wanting to capture this lucrative market need to capitalise on experiences and key moments in their lives to truly engage and connect with them.

To keep up with this ever changing demographic, brands need to think outside the box and find new and creative ways to market the youth. Festivals in particular offer a unique opportunity to connect with them. They are growing in popularity across all generations, but have always been and always will be popular with the youth. A whopping 30.9 million people attend festivals and gigs every year in the UK, of which The UK Festival Report revealed that 57.4% of attendees were aged 16-34. So for any brand wanting to target the youth audience, festivals are a key event to capture this mass audience.

Attending a festival is an exciting time and something youths will always remember, and brands have a chance to be a part of this experience. Of course you have the standard sponsorship or onsite stall at festivals, however due to the high demand, brands will have to dig deep to secure these options. There are however, other ways to be a part of, or enhance the festival experience.

At BAM, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting opportunities for brands to get involved in this brand new opportunity available.

For example, in 2019, National Express will be providing goodie bags to every passenger travelling from the Glastonbury and Boomtown Festivals, that is 28,000 goody bags! This is an amazing opportunity for brands to get their product directly into the hands of a captive audience. Click on the image below to download the media pack!




A flyer will simply not cut it. Brands need to get into the psyche of these festival goers. Festival goes would have had an action packed few days, and as they board the coach they will not be looking forward to what is likely to be a long journey home. So how can brands capitalise this?

Brands need to think about how to make this part of their festival experience better and more enjoyable. Think sweet treats, energy drinks, hangover cures, earphones, refreshments, breath freshener, wet wipes. These are just some ideas of freebies that these passengers would be delighted to receive. For a brand to provide something of value to them, they will immediately create a positive relationship with the youth by improving their journey and creating a memorable moment of their experience. As a direct result brands can expect to leave a lasting impression on this audience, connecting with them at a time when they are open and grateful to receive this form of marketing.

BAM has a unique opportunity to place your brand into the hands of 28,000 festival goers this summer. If you think you have an awesome addition to the goody bags that will enhance the festival experience and want to find out more about taking advantage of this unique opportunity, please get in touch with the team at BAM today.