Amplify creates Victorian-inspired gin palace for Sipsmith festival activations

Amplify has been tasked with helping Sipsmith Gin develop a festival presence inspired by the gin palaces of the 1820s.

The activation, which runs at three festivals over the summer including Wilderness, recreates an opulent gin palace where festivalgoers can revel in an on-going raucous jazz party.

The activation will next appear at Big Feastival between 23rd and 25th August.

Designed to accommodate up to 120 people, the activation is housed in a yurt-based Orangery with Sipsmith’s signature aesthetic. Although resplendent with Victorian iconography, the palace feels thoroughly contemporary thanks to cutting-edge design notes that reflect Sipsmith’s ‘old meets new’ appeal.  Once inside, the festivalgoers can, in addition to soaking up jazz, enjoy bespoke cocktails or join one of the many masterclasses running each day.

May Kirkby, Senior Brand Activation Manager at Sipsmith’s, said: “Amplify’s impressive audience insights have shaped a highly memorable experience that will resonate strongly with our audience. The experience fully reflects the Sipsmith brand by transporting festivalgoers back to the gin palaces of old, whilst simultaneously creating an iconic and utterly contemporary look that’s full of Sipsmithery.”

Jonathan Emmins, Founder of Amplify’s, added: “Drawing on the best of the past but with a firm and innovative eye on the future, Sipsmith is an iconic and timeless brand.  So naturally we’re chuffed to again collaborate with them on their summer gin palace festival activations. Thanks to Sipsmith’s big vision, identity and meticulous attention to detail, we’re able to create an ownable, premium and most importantly fun festival experience that connects the brand to its discerning audience.”