YouGov and The Brand Partnerships Community on the undimmable power of cinema


As YouGov publishes its recent investigation into the viewing habits of the UK’s cinema goers, our Brand Partnerships Vice Chair David Pearson of Mongoose Promotions adds his considered experience to the debate.

He explains “Only 22% see commercials as a positive addition when they go to the cinema?  Well of course!  Not seeing the ads as a “positive addition” doesn’t make them any less effective.  A cinemagoer has made an active commitment to attend the screening with friends or family and pay attention to the main event – the film.  The “build-up” to the film grows from ad, to trailers to movie with each stage of the on-screen experience being more anticipated than the last.  The cinema, like no other environment, demands the viewers sole attention (turn your mobile off!)


The “power” of cinema may be dimmed at the moment, but the initial release period of a film in cinemas is still the key moment in its life-cycle.  In time the world will overcome COVID-19 and the shared experience of a trip to the cinema to watch the latest release will again become the most anticipated of social experiences.


Brands, whether on-screen advertisers, promotional partners with relevance, or issuers of cinema tickets as promotional rewards, will continue to see the benefits of associating with one of our most anticipated, popular and flexible night’s out.”