WKD engages students with sampling at key events


This autumn, WKD, owned by SHS Drinks, is using its Student Team to build brand awareness, drive trial of recent NPD launches and engage with students on a day-to-day basis. The focus is on getting WKD’s latest NPD launches – WKD Mango Crush and WKD MIXED – into students’ hands at key events.  The team will be talking up the new products and using sampling and vouchers to drive footfall for key venues.

The brand is supplying two new kits this autumn to support outlets in making the most of the Freshers opportunity:

  • The WKD Bar Team Kit is full of functional POS items that will help events run smoothly. It contains branded items such as bar-runners, bottle-openers and lanyards.
  • WKD’s Ice Bucket Kits make multi-serve deals easy for bars to run and add an extra layer of fun for students. The kits include a supply of ice buckets, tent-cards and promotional posters.  The ice bucket deals are intended for groups of friends to share and will help alleviate pressure on the bar during busy periods.

With more than 4,000 of the two kits available, SHS Drinks is helping busy bar staff make the most of the new term’s opportunities.

“Our student strategy and activity is focused around insights gained directly from our WKD Student Team,” said Amanda Grabham, Head of Brand Marketing – Alcohol at SHS Drinks.  “Our WKD Student Team can also drive footfall to specific events; if operators have a great student night planned, they can inform us in advance by messaging WKD’s social channels or emailing info@wkd.co.uk and our team will support, wherever possible, by raising the event’s awareness amongst students locally.”

“As the No.1 RTD for students, the start of the new academic year is a hugely important time for WKD.  Whilst students’ disposable income might be limited, their appetite for great times certainly isn’t.  Yes, money is a consideration, but those in tertiary education are shrewd enough to work out which brands best reflect their lifestyles and are most deserving of the student pound, and WKD is very much one of their favourites.

“2018 has been an impressive year for WKD with the introduction of a new flavour variant – WKD Mango Crush –  and the launch of a range of cocktails in cans under the name WKD MIXED.  As the new term starts, our established, 48-strong Student Team is ready to drive awareness, trial and engagement with this autumn’s new student intake,” Grabham concluded.