The Unsung Heroes of Prize Promotions


Meghan Williams, Prize Fulfillment Executive at the Black Tomato Agency discusses how crucial fulfilment is to the overall success of a Prize Promotion Campaign

We pride ourselves on our collaborative client relationships. Our most rewarding campaigns involve working together to push creative boundaries in pursuit of totally unique, ground-breaking promotional campaigns. These challenging, out-of-the-box ideas are all part of the fun. Want to fly across the international dateline and ring in the New Year twice? We’ve got you. Want to spend a night sleeping on the Great Barrier Reef? We’ll make it happen. The only limit is our imagination (and that all-important budget).

How do we transform our client’s dreams from a PowerPoint presentation into an actual brand experience? Behind every good campaign is a great team of people working tirelessly to bring every element to life. Prize fulfilment is the backbone of the promotions industry. Done right, you won’t even notice the light touch of these unsung heroes on every single element. We may have to go backwards and forwards with the winner before any concrete bookings are made. Fulfilling a trip to some people is the less exciting side of the promotional world but without this element there would be no competition or on pack campaign. To put it simply – without a dedicated fulfilment team, promotional marketing would not exist.

This meticulous process of turning a client’s vision into reality starts the moment a winner is revealed and doesn’t end until they return home. So how do we ensure it all runs like clockwork? Firstly, we handle all our travel bookings in house, which gives us total control. Secondly, we create personalised booklets and design branded apps that cover all the details and provide easy access to important documents. Finally, we are there to constantly support the winner throughout their journey, even offering a 24-hour helpline so they can contact us at any time. Cancelled flights? No-show taxis? We’ve dealt with it all. At all hours.

When you buy a prize package from us, you also buy peace of mind. You know that we’re going to hold your winner’s hand throughout the entire process and ensure they’re well looked after. Our expertise and detail-focused approach remove the worry. As a client, the only thing left to do is sit back and leave us to deliver a meaningful, once-in-a-lifetime experience and wait for the excellent feedback and engaging social media content to roll in from the happy and now brand-loyal winner.

The fulfilment service is crucial to the success of the overall campaign, as it ensures the effectiveness of the promotion. At Black Tomato Agency, not only do we create remarkable and inspiring experiences. We deliver on our promises by providing each winner with their dedicated fulfilment manager to tailor their experience. Whether it’s a week-long luxury holiday to the Maldives or a weekend spa break in Bath, our end-to-end fulfilment process guarantees a positive brand experience for the winner. And a positive brand experience means a happy client and a win for the unsung heroes.

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